We represent company HG-Klebstoffe in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. HG-Klebstoffe was launched in 2006, and we know it as a high quality glue products producer and distributor. The gluing technology of company’s products has been adopted from aviation constructing industry. The products are tested and specially adapted for households’ and manufacturers’ use, and to get the best possible result. The glues of HG-Klebstoffe have been justified as high quality products. If You choose them, the result will not disappoint You. The result is always surprisingly perfect!

Our products are intended for gluing

plastic, wood, rubber, tent fabric, glass, metal, aluminum, leather, porcelain, silicone, Teflon and other materials.

Choosing our products you’ll get:

High quality products. Honored with a special German quality mark!

It’s easy to work with our products. Fast result helps you to save time!

Perfect result and long-term solidity!

Our vision

To create and maintain a benchmark of quality! HG-Klebstoffe’s priority is the quality of its production which impacts the result and customers’ satisfaction. It is important for us to minimize risk and increase productivity. Our values are excellent results and contented clients!

35Exhibitions during the year
12Business partners in Europe
360Presentations in the three months
12000Kilometers driven in the three months

Our history

2006 year

Establishing HG-Klebstoffe in Austria

2008 year

First quality award in Germany

2010 year

Year of the breakthrough. Investment in production quality improvement and achieving new heights

March, 2016 year

Establishing HG-Klebstoffe Baltic

May, 2016 year

Participation in exhibition “All for active leisure”. Phenomenal interest about our production. More than 800 interested persons during the exhibition. Expansion of customer base in Latvia.

May, 2016 year

HG-Klebstoffe Baltic starts to present the production in Liethuania and Estonia. Participating in exhibitions in Estonia (Tallinn, Tartu), and Lithuania (Vinius). First business partners.

June, 2016 year

June 25-26 – car exhibition “Dub It!” in Kielce, Poland.

August, 2016 year

Presenting the new products and packaging design.